During the Easter break my sister Sarah and me decided to go on a little trip to Dublin.
Of course, being in Ireland I had to take a lot of pictures being there and of course, I had to do a model call… That’s how I met Simona and her husband Denis.

Simona was pregnant at the time –  she gave birth to a little boy called Reeve (I looove that name!!) by the end of May – so we did a quick maternity session.

My sister and I did a hike that day, we took the train to the island Howth and we did the most beautiful cliff walk there. It was really amazing!
We already did the cliffs of Moher the other day, but Howth left the best impression <3 I must admit I was a bit scared, so I stayed as far away from the edge as I could.
My sister on the other hand, she gave me like 102102 little heart attacks…

It was the coldest day of the week but despite the cold, we finished our walk quite fast! Maybe the wind pushed us fast forward in the right direction :-p
We found a little pub were we could grab a quick bite while we were waiting for our couple.

We were all warmed up and ready to go shoot!
Simona and Denis were waiting at the parking lot. They both looked super cute!

We did a verrrry quick session, mainly cause it was just reaaaally freezing and I did not want Simona to catch a cold (Having a cold while pregnant = no fun!!!)
But I’m really happy with the outcome… I just looove the scene, the wind, and they did so good <3 I hope they will enjoy these too (Yup, waaay overdue but I finally found some spare time to work on our holiday photos!)

After the photoshoot Simona and Denis dropped us off at the train station. We were a bit confused which train we had to take so we asked a ‘local looking’ lady… And uh, we could say she was quite ‘interesting’. She looked at us as if we were the weirdest people she had ever met and she just stared at us for like an… eternity… before she said anything. Haha! After asking for directions the first thing she said was “Are you all right love?”, I suppose I wasn’t really clear… ha! Then she said “Just follow me and the dog”… But we were a little bit too creeped out for that 😉  Anyyyy-whoooo… Here are the maternity photos I shot of Simona + Denis <3




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